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Superimposition & Superreport Section

Q: What are the form of Cephalometric Analysis Data which have been saved for Superimposition?
A: The data for superimposition would be saved as the directory with 3 subdirectories within the main directory including:
  1. Analysis to collect the 79-point lateral cephalometric analysis data which consist of 14 types of cephalometric analyses.
  2. Coordinates to collect the coordinates of 79 landmarks along with the coordinates of trace lines and 4 pairs of overlaying coordinates.
  3. Images to collect the normal radiographic image, the local constrasted radiographic image, the lateral photograph and the photograph overlaid with lateral radiographic image.
Q: How many types of Superimposition can be performed within many interval s to do so?
A: There are two types of superimposition including the full trace lines and trace lines separated into maxilla and mandible. The tree intervals include Pre Analysis, During Analysis, and Post Analysis.