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General Section

Q: What is all about CephSmile?
A: CephSmile is a program for Radiographic Analysis is a program to facilitate orthodontic analysis on the cephalograms which can draw the cephalometric trace lines on both soft and hard tissue sections on the cephalograms by defining the landmarks to perform orthodontic plannings, and the program has mechanic for orthodontic treatment simulation by using the information from trace lines and landmarks on the cephalograms. Furthermore, CephSmile could transform the 3D skull model into the 3D skull with the structure resemble to the cephalometric results taken from CT.
Q: What is Equipment Requirements for installing CephSmile in different circustance?
A: The equipment Requirements for installing CephSmilewill be as shown in this table as folows:
Equipment Requirements Miniumum Requirements Reccommended Requirements
Processor: Intel ® PentiumTM IV 2 GHz or Equivalent Intel ® Core IITM 3GHz or Equivalent
Computer RAM: 1GB 2GB or better
Video RAM: 256M 512M or better
Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels 1280 x 1024 or better
Hard Disk to Collectg Patient Data (HDD): 60 GB 120 GB
Q: How to install CephSmile with hardlock key (a donggle)?
A: Check if your have already install the old version of hardlock key reader program. If so, unintall that old version of hardlock key reader program or using the uninstaller program which is varied according to the types of operating systems (OS) whether it is 32-bit OS or 64-bit OS. After that, intall the new version of hardlock key reader program before installing CephSmile.
Q: Is CephSmile able to make the direct connection with the following hardware accessories including a WACOM tablet to draw the trace lines, X-Ray film scanners or Digital X-Ray machines?
A: No, you cannot do that! You can only save the image data from X-Ray film scanners or Digital X-Ray machines into the hard disks before running CephSmile program. Futhermore, CephSmile does not have the driver to read the data from the tablet to obtain the trace line data such as WACOM tablet so it is not possible to set CephSmile to read the data from WACOM tablets. Nevertheless, users can use a WACOM stylus and a WACOM touchpad to function as a set of interactive mouse pen and touchpad including Bamboo Pen & Touch by WACOM as well as other brands of interactive mouse pen and touchpad sets. However, the user must install a driver program for the interactive mouse pen and touchpad sets before installing CephSmileV2 as the way to allow CephSmileV2 to recognize that there is an installation of interactive mouse pen along with the regular mouse in the PC and Laptop.
Q: How to load the image data via Drag Drop module?
A: Loading the lateral cephalogram into Lateral View channel while loading the lateral photograph to Profile Photo channel. After that, loading the frontal cephalogram into PA View channel while loading the lateral photograph to Frontal Photo channel. For the matter of uploading dental model image, loading the upper dental model into Maxillary Photo channel while loading the lower dental model into Mandibular Photo channel. If the dental model photograph has both upper and lower dental model, loading such an image into Dental Model Photo channel instead
Q: What to do if I run CephSmileV2 and get the following error message "0.00 is not a valid floating point value" that causes CephSmileV2 to be stalled and hung while causing access violation?
A: This problem has a lot to do with the regional setting of your PC. Some countries such as Greece, Germany and Eastern European countries are using a comma (,) as a decimal separator instead of a period (.). The solution for such a problem is to change the regional options in the regional setting of your PC by clicking at Control Panel |Region and Language options and then change the Region Option from from the local setting that uses a comma (,) as a decimal separator.
Q: How can I use CephSmileV2 Internet Version after I have already installed?
A: You need to apply to become a member so you can run CephSmileV2 Internet Version by going to the following URL: https://cephsmilev2.com/index.html
Q: What is the information for applying to be a member to run CephSmile V.2?
A: Your real name, e-mail, login name, password with at least 8 characters, mailing address, telephone or mobile phone number, and all other relating information.
Q: If I applied for the CephSmileV2 Trial Version, how long can I use the program?
A: 30 Days